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Farm Extreme Waves

The Extreme Waves every day becomes an adventure for your children education. Experiences in nature, in this case with the animals of our little farm, play a very important role, these links help  to learn and grow. During the holidays, the family, and especially children, discover many new things to do. Our experience teaches us that especially the daily contact with the animals is educationally very valuable. The center is located in Commezzadura, and can be easily reached on foot. All of our guests and animal lovers are always welcome!
A visit to our mini farm, is an unique experience because many animals can be caressed and pampered.
Fantastic animals in our center attract children like magic. Donkeys, goats, rabbits, geese and wonderful sweet dog! everyone wants to be on the fence to pet. Rosi and Kumbu, the sweet donkeys. Kumbu was born last year, Rosi is the fantastic mom that we raised with bottle feeding. "Babu" the most legendary geese running as mistress big boss of the house, the sweet goats Panchakarma, Peter, Desiree, Pancho, Chana Masala!  and what to said about the rabbits.. at the end of the day we are all running for them to bring for a safe sleep in his wooden house .. the  sprinters are Chai, Ice, Gasolina, Martin, Occhibelli, Gina Tonic! as you can imagine the reproduction does not stop there!
If it can makes you pleasure we can also involve your children in the daily work, the distribution of food or just being pampered. Children will learn a lot.
They will realize, for example, that a donkey is not only sweet, but which also entails a lot of responsibility.
Respect for animals is strengthened and the children will learn many important things about food production. A family vacation not only offers fantastic recreational activities, it is also a very
educational for your children.
"All these smart  animals are also intelligent! students at the  school of fun!


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