Downhill & E.Bike

2000 meters downhill - for experts

Experience in the cable car

Do you already have some experience and want to try some paths with roots and stones with the right bikes? Try our specific downhill bikes.

There are only two things to remember. Number one, don't stop. Number two, go ahead!

All participants are equipped with knee pads, harness with back and elbow pads, full-face helmet and gloves. They are given a REAL downhill bike. Bike with specific characteristics to be used downhill, with very performing disc brakes, forks and shock absorbers like motocross bikes to tackle even the most inaccessible paths.
You go up to 2100 meters of altitude with the Daolasa gondola and before starting the descent, the mtb guide who accompanies you will give you a briefing on the use of the bicycle, on the position to keep on it and giving all the necessary information to face activity safely.
The descent starts from a very easy path which then, along the way, can become more or less demanding according to the technical and physical abilities of the group. The guide will decide precisely the type of routes to be covered and the stops to take, to take a selfie with the background of the Brenta Dolomites or to give bike driving suggestions.

Live a Downhill Experience too
Still wondering if Downhill is for you? If you know how to go mountain biking and want to live an adrenaline-pumping experience, the answer is yes!

Just living is not enough one must have sunshine, freedom, and enjoyment.
(Hans Christian Andersen)

Price per person - € 70,00

The duration of the activity is about 2.5 hours

We will answer you as fast as the wind

Experience in the cable car

E-bike Tour

With E-Bikes we have the opportunity to take you to the most beautiful places in Val di Sole even if you are not particularly trained. During our organized tours you will have the opportunity to see lakes, waterfalls and streams that line the forest roads, unique landscapes and still snow-capped mountains.

With electric bicycles and the instructions of our expert guides, e-bike tours in Val di Sole is an activity for everyone, not to be missed.
Tour with pedal assisted electric bike, suitable for everyone. We start from our center and visit some beautiful places in Val di Sole, such as Lake Caprioli and Valpiana. Children from 1.50 in height.

Price per person - € 60,00

Duration about 3 hours. Includes: electric bike - mtb master.

We will answer you as fast as the wind

E-bike Tour

Downhill Experience Val Meledrio

The Emperor Path

Exciting descent along the rapids of the "Meledrio" river, starting from Campo Carlo Magno at an altitude of 1.662 mt with arriving point at our center after 1000 meters of altitude difference in a breathtaking descent.
You descend along a compact road with numerous hairpin bends, to reach an impervious gorge where the road becomes narrower suspended over the bubbling and thunderous waterfalls of the Meledrio stream.
Pleasant downhill route on a wild road along the Val Meledrio in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park.
Crossing an enchanting environment along the Meledrio torrent in the middle of the valley, passing near the Pison waterfall where a photo is a must. You will have the opportunity to learn the notions to better ride the bike downhill and therefore increase the fun in total safety.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving
(Albert Einstein)

Price per person - € 65,00

Activity duration totally about 2.30 hours

We will answer you as fast as the wind

Mountain bike rental . Pick and go !

The cycle path and the paths of Val di Sole offer a great variety of routes for mountain biking, from the easy ones to the more challenging ones.
The superb panorama that runs along the Noce river is made up of fields and orchards framed by the Dolomites massif. An invitation to breathe and experience this approach to nature firsthand.
You can travel the entire Val di Sole on the cycle path along the Noce river, starting directly from the Extreme Waves center. Very convenient and large free parking.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.
(John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

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