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Noce river Val di Sole

1° section – km  10 – From Cusiano to the Extreme Waves Centre in Commezzadura

Just after the confluence of the Noce river with the Vermigliana creek, near Cusiano, there is the perfect starting point for the descent.
The stream here is not too impetuous and the state road runs just along the river. The Noce is surrounded by walls on its sides. From here, it runs with remarkable speed, until the walls give way to an artificial jump, one kilometre after Pellizzano.
A preliminary exploration of the area is suggested. After passing the jump and for some kilometres the river doesn’t go further the third level of difficulty, until it reaches the village called Mezzana. There, its speed increases, so that the difficulty often goes up to level 4 and for approximately two kilometres some violent rapids are formed.

On those rapids, in 1993, the Canoe Slalom World Championship was held along a 600 metres long stretch. From May to September a slalom circuit for high level international competitions and training is in function.
Like the most part of the Noce river, this stretch requires technical skills and a lot of experience.

After the bridge, the Noce still presents a difficulty of the third and fourth level until it reaches Mestriago, where the difficulty decreases. There, even in case the canoe gets knocked over, recovering the material is not too problematic. The river sides, surrounded by woods, now lead to our centre, which is the perfect place for relaxing after a trip.


2° section – km  15 – from Monclassico to Ponte Stori

From the starting point of Monclassico and for approximately four kilometres, the difficulty remains between level 2 and 3. Off Malè, we find some wooded ravines with fast waters, where the difficulty level sometimes goes up to 4.
Approaching the confluence with the Rabbies creek, the flow and the speed of the river can increase considerably. While passing by the villages of Caldes, Cavizzana, Tozzaga and Bordiana, the valley gets narrow, the state road is now far and the creek’s difficulty alternates between level 3 and 4 in a striking natural scenery.

When we reach the place called Ponte Stori, after the 4 level rapids of the same name, it is advisable to stop and use one of the last convenient points for disembarking and being collected by our motor vehicles.

3° section – km 3 – From Ponte Stori to Santa Giustina Lake

For those who do not fear the most extreme and difficult stretches in a ravine and do not mind uncomfortable recovery conditions, the Noce offers in its last navigable part some of the strongest and most exciting alpine rapids.
Depending on the raft’s position on the lake, the descent can go on past the bridge of Mostizzolo until the artificial basin of Santa Giustina is reached. There, the creek ends and disembarking can be difficult.

Right before the lake, the river enters a canyon whose sides can get as tall as 100 meters and whose 5 level rapids – called I Tre Passaggi – can be braved or not, depending on the capacity of the river.




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