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All family rafting

Rafting an adventure to live
Into the green

Val di Sole Dolomiti Trentino

An invincible summer with Extreme Waves

The right choice for a family holiday in Trentino in the splendid setting of Val di Sole. A family holiday that includes sports activities for everyone, mum, dad and children, with lots of sport and moments of relaxation. Extreme Waves can organize the whole holiday: from the choice of accommodation to sports and recreational activities. Live the sport you like best with your family!
Rafting for children, all descents are possible, the recommended descent is the Classic. On the various descents, children will be made to get off the boat near the most challenging rapids, always accompanied by our staff, to get back on board later or be taken back to the center.
Children from 5 to 10 years with a height not exceeding 1.50 meters

There are no shortcuts to those places where it's worth going


Into the green

Rafting center our proposals


Adults € 37
Children 5 - 10 years € 29

Rafting Exciting

Adults € 47
Children 5 - 10 years € 39

Rafting Extreme

Adults € 67
Children 5 - 10 years € 49

Special Multisport Program for children with: Rafting, Ropes Course, Tarzaning, Trekking and Mountain Bike.

Material to bring

Trainers to wet, preferably long-sleeved thermal shirt or micro fleece, swimsuit and towel.

Material provided by the center

3 mm long John wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket, helmet and paddle, and a very good Guide!

Farm a world to discover

Dolomiti farm at the Rafting Center

At the Extreme Waves Center, for your children, every day becomes an educational adventure. Experiences in nature, in this case with the animals of our small farm, play a very important role, these bonds are for children to grow and learn. During the holidays, the family and especially the children discover many new things, the experience teaches how important and didactically very precious contact with animals is for them.
The Center is located in Commezzadura, and can also be easily reached on foot. All our guests and all animal lovers are always welcome!
A visit to the mini farm is a unique experience because many animals can be stroked and pampered. The fantastic animals in our center attract children as if by magic, donkeys, goats, rabbits, geese and a magnificent dog! Everyone wants to be at the pen to caress Rosi and Kumbu, the sweet little donkeys, Rosi is his fantastic mother who we raised with a bottle. “Babu” the mythical Goose, the sweet goats Chana and Masala. We also have the chicken coop, with Gertrude, Clotilde, Perla, there is also the rooster Casimiro as a great leader.
And what about the rabbits that at the end of the day we all find ourselves running after them to put them to sleep in their little house? The sprinters are Govinda, Ciccio, Chai, Miele, Ice, Gasolina, Martina, Gina, Tonic. As you can imagine the production does not stop there! As long as you like, we can also involve your children in daily work, in the distribution of food and lots of pampering. Children will realize, for example, that a donkey is not only sweet, but also carries a lot of responsibility.
Respect for animals is strengthened and children will learn many important things about food production. A family vacation not only offers fantastic recreational activities, but also represents a very educational experience for your little ones.
“All these beautiful animals are also intelligent”, pupils of a very funny school.

For all the animals of the center

"Hay and straw are the basic and irreplaceable food"
You can give them two herbs they particularly love: Trifoglio e Tarassaco

The most courageous decision you make each day is the decision to be in a good mood.

Experience the Extreme Waves Center

Everything at your disposal Into the green

Live your dreams

Feeling immersed in a green oasis The Extreme Waves center located on the banks of the Noce river, offers the opportunity to fully enjoy a day of incredible nature, surrounded by greenery, the relaxing flow of the waters of the Noce river, the breath and caress of the fresh mountain breeze. , the magnificent view of the Dolomites and a superb panorama of the fascinating Sasso Rosso.

Plan your outdoor day
Picnic area
Tables and gazebos are available on the banks of the Noce river
Volleyball and football field
Relax area with deck chairs
children playground
Bucaneve Restaurant Pizzeria in the center
Discounted prices for groups

Giornata Outdoor

Ropes Course - Adventure park in our center

Emotion to live high

Adventure park in the dolomites

An innovative path located at the Extreme Waves Center, on the banks of the Noce river. Structure of 12 meters high trunks planted on the ground and connected to each other with passages of varying difficulty. Undoubtedly a strong call to try to overcome one's limits. Harnessed and equipped with a double lanyard, carabiners, gloves and helmet, you can move in complete safety assisted by a Guide.
Path located at the Extreme Waves Center, a specialized guide will provide you with the necessary equipment and instructions on how to carry out the activity in complete safety.

Try Rafting and the Ropes Course is an ideal match for the whole family!

Adventure park
Struck with different levels and suitable for different ages:
  • Kangoorino path

    for children from 2 to 5 years

  • Topolone path - € 8.00

    for little big adventurers from 4 years old

  • Falco route - € 12.00

    about 3 meters high for children and for those who want to start

  • Path of the Eagle - € 18.00

    for those who want to touch the sky !!

Recommended clothing

Sports shoes, sports trousers or Bermuda shorts.

Equipment provided by the center:

Helmet, harness.

We will answer you as fast as the wind

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