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If you are looking for a fun and adrenaline-filled holiday we have the adventure for you: rafting on the Noce River in Val di Sole, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy, in the Extreme Waves Rafting Center, a cutting-edge outdoor center that offers activities mountain sports.

Going down rafting on the Noce rapids means traveling one of the most beautiful rivers in the world for the practice of river sports, National Geographic magazine has included it in the 10 best rivers in the world for rafting and canoeing. Top ten White Water Rafting in the World

"Who descends in the same river, always new waters arrive"

max 25 km
Rafting in Trentino

For those who love strong emotions

The rafting descents cover the navigable 28 km of the river with different degrees of difficulty, impetuous rapids for those who love strong emotions alternating with quieter sections also suitable for crews made up of families with children, each dinghy is composed of 6 - 7 participants plus the guide. Rafting is a sport suitable for everyone and to practice it is not necessary to be experienced or trained, for children we offer all descents with transshipment starting from 5 years, for adults there is no age limit.

I believe in the sun, even when it rains.

The excursions are always led by expert raft guides registered with FIRAFT (Italian Rafting Federation) who guarantee descents in complete safety, before departure a theoretical lesson is carried out in which the fundamental notions of this sport are explained and during the descent a demonstration of the safety position.

Rafting Classic

Includes the upper part of Val di Sole, rafting on the Noce river with arrival at the Extreme Waves Center located in Daolasa - Commezzadura, approximate total duration 1.50 '- 2 hours
At the beginning of the descent you will almost immediately encounter a first rapid, after which you will already have the right harmony to face the subsequent and more demanding ones, a small stop to demonstrate the safety position.
The most "adrenaline-pumping" part is located near Mezzana, where numerous National and International Rafting competitions have been held and you cross the lively slalom course of the Canoe Kayak World Championship, then you enter the technical stretch of continuous rapids up to Piano di Commezzadura, followed by a section suitable for children up to our Center.
The characteristic of this descent is to have a fairly quiet initial and final part, also ideal for families with children for whom a very short transfer of a rapid power station is expected to go up immediately afterwards and arrive all together at the Center.

In twenty years you will not be disappointed by the things you have done, but by those you have not done.

Rafting Exciting

From Monclassico to Ponte Stori in the lower part of the Noce River, approximate total duration 2.30 hours. This route will introduce you to the second navigable stretch of the River Noce.
The very sweet initial part allows the participants to "take the measures" to prepare for the rapids they will have to face on the suggestive wooded gorges. In this section, rafting is easy thanks to the good flow of the river increased by the confluence of the Meledrio torrent coming from Madonna di Campiglio - Folgarida - Dimaro and the Rabbies coming from the Val di Rabbi. After a succession of rapids, led by an expert White Water Guide, the arrival is expected at the wonderful rapid of Ponte Stori.

The large volume of water of the spring thaw makes this route very adventurous, in the middle of summer with less water it turns into a panoramic rafting descent particularly suitable for children. The Rafting Exciting descent is recommended for those who want to travel a wilder environment, a stretch of river intact and little touched by the hand of man.

Rafting Extreme

Route that includes the entire navigable part of the River Noce, in practice it is the sum of the previous descents, total duration approximately 3.30 '"The Queen of the River".
This rafting descent allows you to get to know practically the entire Val di Sole, you can capture the soul of the river Noce by rafting all the adrenaline-pumping rapids and enjoying the quiet and the view in the quietest passages.

You travel along the upper part of the Val di Sole to take a break at the Rafting Center for a hot tea and then leave again to travel the lower part of the Noce river, the journey from Dimaro to Monclassico is done by bus as this stretch of river is not navigable.

Mostizzolo descent

It includes the Exciting descent with arrival at Lake Santa Giustina in Val di Non, which can only be done with certain river conditions and the level of Lake Santa Giustina.


"Water is the driving force in nature"

Price list

Choose the rafting descent you prefer and start your adventure!

Classic descent

36 €
29 €
Children 5-10 years

It includes the upper part of the Val di Sole, a rafting route on the Noce river with arrival at the Extreme Waves Center located in Daolasa - Commezzadura.

Overall indicative duration

1,50 - 2 hours

Exciting descent

45 €
39 €
Children 5-10 years

From Monclassico to Ponte Stori in the lower part of the Noce River. This route will introduce you to the second navigable stretch of the River Noce.

Overall indicative duration

2,20 hours

Extreme descent

65 €
49 €
Children 5-10 years

Route that includes the entire navigable part of the River Noce, “The Queen of the River”. In practice, it is the sum of the Classic and Exciting descents.

Overall indicative duration

3,20 hours

We will answer you as fast as the wind

From the end of April to the beginning of September

Noce rafting

The Extreme Waves Center, in Trentino, organizes rafting descents from the end of April to the beginning of September, both in the morning and in the afternoon; all the necessary equipment is provided, wetsuit, waterproof jacket, life jacket, helmet and includes transport by bus to the place of departure - arrival. For all rafting descents there is the possibility at the end of the descent to view the photographic material created by a professional who will follow you along the way.

It is important to arrive at the center at least 30 minutes before the set acceptance time.

All river activities take place in any weather condition.

Adrenaline and fun
Useful information

What to bring and what you find

Material and clothing for rafting

  • sneakers to get wet
  • Synthetic t-shirt preferably thermal long sleeve
  • Costume
  • towel

Technical material from rafter supplied by the center

  • 3 mm long john wetsuit
  • water jacket
  • lifebuoy NRS
  • Wild Water helmet
  • paddle Carlisle
  • dinghy NRS
Useful information

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be trained to raft?

Absolutely no; however, it is necessary to have a good relationship with water to fully enjoy this adventure.

Are rafting guides prepared?

Our guides are all graduates F.I.Raft, Italian Rafting Association, have gained experience on rivers throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Africa; they know how to put all the participants of the boat at ease for a safe and fun descent.

Is something explained before the descent?

Yes, before each of our rafting descents there is a theoretical lesson that explains the principles of the discipline and how to behave in all situations. Our guides will let you try the position in the dinghy dry and the correct and effective paddling to have the best fun by limiting your efforts.

What if it rains?

The rafting descents take place even if it rains, river conditions permitting.

water above, water below… never mind just enjoy water!

Top ten White Water Rafting in the World

River noce

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