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Multisport packages with Extreme Waves

Commezzadura Val di Sole Trentino

Spend sporting days that will leave you with joy, passion, for its diversity, for its way of filling you with missing emotions in the daily routine, let yourself go and live your dreams.
Packages with rafting, riding the rapids of the intrepid river Noce, descending with him along the entire Val di Sole, an emotion to be experienced, every day with different departures.

Rafting Classic and Tarzaning € 110,00
Rafting Exciting and Tarzaning € 120,00
Rafting Extreme and Tarzaning € 140,00

Rafting package with Tarzaning Extreme Waves

Total duration of about 3.30 ", Path located a few kilometers from the center, performed by an expert Alpine Guide. At the Extreme Waves center you will be provided with the necessary technical equipment. With a brief introduction and demonstration for the correct use of your carabiners - harness with double lanyard, after which move and start with a walk to the starting point.
This route, rated by all as wonderful, offers an incredible natural beauty, The different passages that run through the canyon will make you experience moments of adventure together with the joy of being able to appreciate the enchanting surroundings. Not to be missed.


Rafting Classic and E-Bike Tour € 110,00
Rafting Exciting and E-Bike Tour € 120,00
Rafting Extreme and E-Bike Tour € 140,00

Rafting Classic and Downhill € 105,00
Rafting Exciting and Downhill € 115,00
Rafting Extreme and Downhill € 135,00

Rafting package with downhill

An activity not to be missed Downhill is just pure descent with special full suspension mountain bikes. The path of great beauty offers the opportunity to experience and enjoy the well-known and wonderful Dolomites - in Trentino, Val di Sole. With ascent via the Folgarida Marilleva cableways Daolasa station located right in front of the center or by means of transport, Guide SIMB specialized, super Mountain Bikes we go. The breathtaking descent will allow you to spend one of the best and most exciting moments of your vacation.

Rafting Classic and Hydrospeed Easy € 104,00
Rafting Exciting and Hydrospeed Easy € 109,00
Rafting Extreme and Hydrospeed Easy € 129,00

Rafting package with hydrospeed pure pinn swimming in flow water

Activity recommended for people with good aquatic skills, it means not being afraid of water, being minimally fit and above all being convinced of this choice that will make you experience a pure adrenaline charge.
Hydrospeed is a sport in a certain sense individual, as a true protagonist. The Extreme Waves Center takes care of this activity by engaging all the necessary guides for each descent to ensure maximum safety. Waves and splashes will be your joyful companions, the rustle and flow of the river will be part of your body.
To allow you to face this experience first of all the dressing with a complete wetsuit of 5 mm neoprene, life jacket, helmet, neoprene boots and two good fins to help you move with ease. The very important instruction to make you understand how to behave in the water, is given by a specialized Hydrospeed Guide (Italian Hydrospeed Association) the river bob will be your means to let you flow by living every moment as the strongest of adventures. Return to the Extreme Waves Center for a hot shower and, why not, a good pizza to get your energy back.


Rafting Classic and Canyoning € 120,00
Rafting Exciting and Canyoning € 130,00
Rafting Extreme and Canyoning € 150,00

Rafting package with Canyoning

Total duration of about 3.30 ", activity with Alpine Guide. Meeting at the Extreme Waves Center, distribution of technical equipment, 5 mm full wetsuit, harness and helmet. Transport with Extreme Waves minibuses to the starting point a few kilometers from the center, introduction by an expert Alpine Guide A gorge covered with vegetation and friable rocks, you will feel like you are in another world made of water and nature.
The movements are controlled by the Alpine Guides to ensure fun in complete safety. Ideal activity to share with your friends! Water plus water proposal! super Wet.

Rafting Classic and Ropes Course € 49,00
Rafting Exciting and Ropes Course € 57,00
Rafting Extreme and Ropes Course € 77,00

Package rafting more Ropes Course Adventure Park.

Path located at the Extreme Waves Center. A specialized guide will provide you with the necessary equipment and instructions on how to carry out the activity in complete safety.
Struck with different levels and suitable for different ages
Kangoorino path for children from 3+ years
Topolone path for children from 4+ years
Falco path from 7/8 + years
Path of the Eagle for sports enthusiasts.
Rafting and Ropes Course is an ideal match for the whole family!

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